Our Vision Therapist

Julie Taylor

Vision Therapist

Julie Taylor, a seasoned Optometric Vision Therapist, brings six years of invaluable experience to Family Eye Wellness. Originally from Wisconsin and raised in the heart of Arkansas, Julie has called North Carolina home for the past 17 years. Her academic journey led her to a bachelor's degree in Anthropology/Sociology and a master’s in Education from the University of Arkansas.

With twelve years of dedicated service in elementary education, Julie's passion for helping children facing academic challenges took a novel turn when she discovered the transformative potential of vision therapy. Motivated by a desire to make a positive impact in a different capacity, she found her calling in addressing visual difficulties through innovative therapeutic approaches.

Julie has received specialized training enabling her to work with patients of all ages, addressing a spectrum of visual diagnoses. Her expertise encompasses binocular vision disorders, eye tracking deficits, visual processing deficits, and visual challenges arising from traumatic brain injuries. Committed to staying at the forefront of this dynamic field, Julie is dedicated to ongoing learning and professional development. Julie's unwavering dedication ensures that each individual receives personalized and effective vision therapy, making a meaningful difference in their visual health and overall well-being.


Fun Fact: I've experienced the thrill of ziplining through a Costa Rican rainforest and faced the exhilaration of cage diving with sharks in Hawaii.

Favorite Childhood Memory: Fondly reminiscing about carefree summers spent on my grandparent's farm in Iowa, where every moment was filled with joy and a sense of freedom.

Family: My incredible 25-year-old daughter is not only my pride but also my best friend. I cherish the close bond I share with my adored mother. And, of course, my cats hold a special place in my heart as valued members of the family.

Favorite Color: Green is my favorite color, invoking a feeling of calmness and peace. The prospect of working at Family Eye Wellness, surrounded by this beautiful color, fills me with excitement and positivity.