Why Don't You Take My Vision Insurance?

In the realm of vision care, what are often labeled as 'vision plans' can be more accurately described as 'discount programs.' These programs, provided by companies that own and sell eyewear, solicit their own products over promoting the highest quality options available. In addition, these plans include stipulations that we only use their labs and products, most of which are lower quality and often take much longer. At Family Eye Wellness, Dr. Patel boldly declared independence from these discount vision plans.

As a truly independent vision clinic, we are not obligated to offer inferior, bulk products. Our frame inventory predominantly features independent frame lines, supporting small businesses in our community. Our independently owned lab ensures our patients receive the highest quality lens options.

Participating in vision discount plans often requires doctors to see a high volume of patients, limiting the time and attention dedicated to each individual. By choosing independence, we can focus on quality care, providing the best products and materials regardless of the discount vision plan our patients may have.
In today’s healthcare landscape, rising costs for doctors to provide services clash with declining coverage from insurance payments. Many doctors resort to brief office visits to meet participating provider requirements, leading to dissatisfaction among patients.
Ironically, some of our patients complain about their extremely brief and unsatisfactory office visits in other eye care practices, while at the same time expressing frustration that we do not accept insurance. Unfortunately, we have found that we cannot be participating providers in these insurance networks as it compromises our ability to deliver the time-intensive, expert-level care that we are committed to providing.

Despite our non-participation in insurance networks, patients with all vision plans are welcome at Family Eye Wellness. We opt to be an out-of-network provider to ensure the level of care, high-quality products, and services we insist on offering to our patients. While using out-of-network benefits may incur additional costs, it aligns with the fact that most vision plans have begun charging higher premiums while offering much less coverage for products and services. This means that wherever you use your benefits, you may still have to pay more than you did in previous years, especially if you value quality.

If this resonates with you, and you value quality and a different, better experience, we encourage you to reach out. No one should compromise on the quality of their vision care experience.

Did you know? To provide value to our patients, Family Eye Wellness limits the number of patients that we see per day. This ensures a pleasant, thorough eye care experience for your eye care needs, including reduced wait times and increased patient satisfaction.